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Leaves Shadow

Liberate your voice. Unleash your creativity.

Aloha, and welcome to our online community.

Are you ready to claim your role as the artist of your own fully embodied life?

This is safe space to expand and grow in the realms of your voice, embodiment, and personal expression. 

Our words and songs have the power to elevate our spirits and connect us with the heart of the whole. Your voice is a sacred offering, expressing the vibration of your soul. You are a living prayer. When each of us is able to express ourselves authentically with radical honesty and breath, new pathways open for humanity. I invite you to allow yourself to be a vessel for the beauty you know is possible in this world.  We need your self-expression, leadership, and inspired presence. Let's work together to move past the resistance that you keeps you from singing your soul song, speaking your truth with confidence, and being the visionary you know you are. You came to this planet to give your offering. I'm here to stand for the abundant fruition of your life's journey.



  Your Truth is Essential. 

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Let's Get Acquainted

Meet Jennifer Ruth

Voice Coach, Musician, and Healer 

 Jennifer is a musician, permaculturist, and word-smith, born and raised in Illinois and the heartland of the midwest, and residing in Maui, Hawai'i since 2015.   She spends her time in the garden, empowering the voices of her community, weaving the offerings of her heart's song through music, and immersing herself in the majestic beauty to nature.


As an interdisciplinary artist and healer, Jennifer brings the full breadth of her studies and lived experience to her work. 





holistic voice coach, musician, and sound healer, specializing in liberating the throat chakra. By crafting secure environments for embodiment practices, honest dialogue, and vocal activation, Jennifer guides clients to reshape their relationship with personal truth, body, and the earth. Through private mentorships, online courses, retreats, healing ceremonies, and song circles, she nurtures authentic self-expression, aiming to revive the village spirit and strengthen community connections to our roots.

I now consider and feel in my soul that I can be a musician, and I didn’t feel that before, though I knew I wanted to be. Jenn gave me the confidence to be able to relax into what I was already doing. And that opened up the opportunity to be able to carry the notes, slow down, and play, beyond just singing the verse.

Josh Bogle 

Big Wave Surfer, Musician 

What the Community is Saying

Jenn radiates grace and wisdom. She weaves play, medicine and magic into her lessons. The layers of her teachings go way beyond traditional vocal training. She sparked courage and encouraged me to lean into my edges and hesitation around singing loud and taking up space. Our first session together was mostly whisper singing and tears, by the second session I was sharing one of my new songs and by the next I was singing into a microphone with Jen on the other side of the room. She braids her classical voice training with her intuitive wisdom and easeful angelic play.

Sarah Rothman

Naturopathic Doctor, Acupuncturist, and Breathwork Facilitator

I loved my sessions with Jenn! She is so knowledgeable and helpful in her craft. Beyond just being a wonderful singing coach she is an incredible space holder. Her ability to flow with the energy of the moment as a guide is a sacred experience.

Jaclyn "Joy" Dreicer


Astrologer and Actress

Leaves Shadow

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Work together to Birth Your Genius in our 6 month 1:1 Voice and Communication Coaching Mentorship

Share about Birth Your Genius. How we work together. The tools. the goals. The outcome. The pain points. The commitment. 

Leaves Shadow

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